Individual instruction is offered in piano, acoustic and electric guitar, violin, viola, cello, double and electric bass, flute, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, oboe, trumpet, trombone, baritone horn, tuba, French horn, drum set and percussion, recorder, and voice.  Music lessons are offered to students of age ranging from as young as 2.5/3 years old to….. adult students – regardless of their age.  Anyone who loves and is interested in music should consider taking lessons.  All are Welcome!


Our jazz program features some of the most distinguished jazz artists in the metropolitan area. Instruction is available in piano, acoustic and electric guitar, acoustic and electric bass, saxophone, clarinet, drum set, and other percussion instruments. Jazz ensembles are coordinated by our teaching staff for intermediate to advanced students.


Toddler Class ages 15 months – 3 years:
These classes are action-filled for toddlers and their parents – full of energy, often on the move, always exploring and learning.
Together you’ll sing, chant, move, dance, listen, and play simple instruments, all activities that bridge the natural connection between music and movement through four wonder-filled semesters. Each lesson features movement activities for coordination, body awareness and control, exploration of space, and instruments such as rhythm sticks, jingles, rattles, drums, and resonator bars. Additionally, you’ll receive a wonderful CD, a parent activity book, and an instrument or scarf to use at home for more fun time together.  These classes are scheduled two times weekly (for times and days inquire with the school).
Cycle of Seasons Class ages 3 – 5 years:
Celebrate your preschooler’s growing independence and love of the outdoors with activities involving the four seasons in the Cycle of Seasons…Developed to build attention and self-expression, activities include singing, chanting, moving, focused listening, musical games, exploring musical instruments, creative movement, and storytelling.  The Cycle of Seasons nurtures your growing child’s ability to use language and participate in dramatic play within a musical context.  These classes are scheduled two times weekly (for time and days inquire with the school).  Fun family packets including wonderful music CDs are included for use at home to increase family involvement in the learning process.


These classes are scheduled weekly (for time and day inquire with the school). Using materials appropriate to their age and level, students reinforce concepts learned in their individual lessons. Classes for advanced students emphasize a greater understanding of harmony and structure, sight-reading, and an overview of music history. Classes are available weekly for our students enrolled in private lessons. Students may register for these classes at any time and are included in their tuition.


It’s never too late to begin music lessons or to resume music study interrupted years before. The Crestwood Music Education Center has nearly two hundred adult students enrolled, from age 21 to 80+. All it takes is desire, perseverance, and the enjoyment of the process. Our faculty is experienced in motivating, encouraging and leading adult students toward their goals of making music.


Coaching is available for beginners, intermediate and advanced students in groups formed by their individual private teachers.  Anyone who is interested in our chamber of music, should contact our school for a schedule.


There are school-wide recitals twice a year in which all students have the opportunity to share their music with an audience of family, friends, and fellow students. Suzuki group classes also have a portion devoted to performance.  We also offer advanced student recitals and group performance recitals.  Feel free to contact our school at any time to inquire about our recitals.


The Suzuki Method involves the parent and child in learning an instrument together. The parent attends lesson alone for six to eight weeks to prepare for his/her role as home teacher, and subsequently attends all lessons with the child.

Students learn at home and in the studio in an atmosphere of patience, praise, and encouragement. Lessons can begin at age three or four, or as late as eight or nine. Daily listening to recordings of the Suzuki repertoire helps the student to learn the pieces by ear and at his own pace. This way the instructor has more freedom to teach playing with beautiful tone and phrasing.

Suzuki lessons include regular review of pieces, which builds confidence and security in performing. Music reading is usually introduced when the student has completed the first volume of pieces and has a firm grasp of aural and technical skills. This is comparable to how a child learns first to speak and later to read his native language. Thus, Shinichi Suzuki, who developed this educational philosophy, calls it mother-tongue learning.

Younger Suzuki students learn pre-reading concepts in bi-weekly group classes. Students and parents are schedule so they can observe other students’ lessons, since children learn and are motivated by watching their peers. A non-competitive and supportive atmosphere is established in these lessons.

Parents interested in enrolling in Suzuki lessons observed several lessons and have an orientation with either their Suzuki teacher or the school director.

Talent is not inborn, it is developed in the proper environment.
– Shinichi Suzuki

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