Crestwood Music Education Center In-Person Lesson Policy

This page outlines Crestwood Music Education Center’s policies for returning to in-person lessons as New York state begins to reopen during the national emergency pandemic caused by the coronavirus, Covid-19. We anticipate that these policies will evolve as the pandemic changes and will be subject to state and local regulations. We thank you for your continued support and commitment to keeping our students and faculty safe and healthy.

At this time, after careful and thoughtful consideration, we have decided we are not ready to resume in-person lessons for the duration of this Fall/Winter semester.  While we continue to remain hopeful that our lessons and school will return to our typical and traditional method of in-person lessons in the near future, we believe that it is in the best interest of our students, parents, teachers and overall community that we continue remotely at this time.  We will revisit this decision at the end of January and apprise you accordingly. At that time, we will assess whether to resume some lessons in-person with the following provisions:

Individual Lessons for Strings, Guitar, Percussion/Drums, Piano, and Composition

  • Faculty who are in a high-risk category for Covid-19, may choose to continue lessons online.
  • Students may also choose to take lessons online or in-person.
  • All participants will be required to wear a mask.
  • All participants must maintain a distance of six feet.
  • Faculty will be responsible for disinfecting all equipment used before and after lessons.
  • If a student is under the age of 10, a parent/guardian may attend the lesson. Otherwise the parent/guardian will be asked to wait outside the building.
  • Students must use hand sanitizer or wash hands for twenty seconds with foaming soap before and after the lesson.
  • Students returning for in-person lessons may need to coordinate rescheduling their lesson time with their teacher, to limit travel and exposure for the teacher.

Individual Lessons for Wind, Brass, and Voice

  • All individual lessons for wind, brass, and voice will be conducted online during the Fall/Winter semester.

Orchestras and Ensembles

  • All orchestra and ensembles are on hiatus during the Fall/Winter semester.

Building Policies

  • All students and faculty choosing to return to in-person lessons will be required to sign a release form.
  • All forms and scheduling will be processed over the phone or online to limit in-person contact.
  • Face masks covering both nose and mouth must be worn by all visitors, faculty, and staff.
  • Studios and bathrooms will be disinfected daily.
  • Only rooms accommodating six foot distancing will be used. Piano studios will include an extra keyboard to facilitate demonstrations and accompaniments. 

Make-up Policy Amendment

  • If further social distancing measures are required by New York state, all lessons will return to an online format.
  • If a faculty member is unable to teach in-person lessons due to COVID-19 related concerns (i.e. the teacher is in a high-risk group or has been exposed to COVID-19 and is under quarantine) the lesson may be conducted online.
  • If a student is not able to attend an in-person lesson due to COVID-19 related concerns, the lesson may be conducted online.
  • Online lessons offered under the above-listed conditions but rejected by the student will not be made-up.